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"You can't believe how blind I was without my thick, heavy trifocal glasses. Three days after beginning the program, my vision started to improve. In just over a month, I am completely free of glasses except in bad light. I can see road signs without difficulty, and some people don't even recognize me without my glasses." -Ted Molander, La Puente, CA.

"When I started the program, my vision was 20/150 and I couldn't read road signs. After using the program for five days, my vision improved to 20/40. After two more weeks, I was back to 20/20. I feel like the program has given me a brand new pair of eyes." -Marie Cassil, Kansas City, MO.

"I am completely free of glasses and can't say enough about your marvelous program. Thank you very much." -Carolyn Dutton, Boulder, CO.

"My vision has improved immensely and the program is one of the most worthwhile things I've done in my life. My vision was worse than 20/200 and is now at about 20/50. I only wear glasses for driving and use an old pair from 15 years ago." -Barbara Tuttle, Portland, OR.

"I have so much better eyesight and changed to really old glasses and now I don't use them any more. I am 91 years old and wish I could have other people to know about the improvement." -Sam Barton, Barberton, OH.

"I was diagnosed with macular degeneration and had to use a magnifying glass along with reading glasses to see the numbers on the oven and on the furnace thermostat. Now I can see the thermostat numbers without glasses. When I viewed TV, I could see only a blur. Now I can see the people and am beginning to see color again." -Mildred Nordquist, Portland, OR.

"I am 32 and have worn glasses steadily since the 4th grade. I have not put them back on since I started using the program and have only done the exercises for a month. I don't get eyestrain now and my lazy eye now looks like the other eye. It is truly a marvelous program." -Rita Johnson, Indianapolis, IN.

"I am ordering two more programs for my friends. I was so enthusiastic about how it has helped me in only four days, that they thought they would like to try it. Again, I'd like to tell you how pleased I am with your program." -William Martin, Lakewood, CA.

"I no longer use glasses at all except for reading very fine print or in a dark room. Your program is the most scientific and helpful method I have seen and should be shared widely." -Homer Angelo, Carson City, NV.

"I did it twice a day for one week. Then I noticed that my eyes improved so much that I took my glasses off and have not put them back on since then. It's a miracle. It's unbelievable but it works and I'm just so happy with it". -Dan Richard, Fairfield, IA.

"Our eleven year old son has improved from 20/200 to 20/40 and his cross eyed-ness has also definitely improved. -Burton Weir, Lempster, NH.

"After doing the exercises for five days, I started wearing the glasses I wore six to ten years ago. After two weeks of exercising my eyes, I only needed glasses for reading or writing and now wear glasses from ten to seventeen years ago." -Marian Paquin, Plantation, FL.

"I'm happy to report that I've progressed even further. I few days ago I was driving my car and suddenly realized I was not wearing my glasses. I could see so clearly, it was almost like 20/20 vision." -Armida Gilbert, Stockton, CA.

"Thank you for the great program. It has already changed my life." -Dave Stickell, State College, PA.

"I began the program only a month ago and I have already much improved. My visual despair has been replaced with great hope that within a few more weeks I will no longer need glasses. Even now there is much that I can do without corrective lenses that would have been impossible just a month ago. I heartily endorse this program." -Jan Krause, Santa Cruz, CA.

"Let me compliment you on your program. 3 days and I see better already." -James McCarthy, Cedar Ridge, CA.

"I am myopic and my vision has improved from –4.00 diopters to –1.50 diopters. I can see much clearer than before and am very satisfied with the results." -George Davis, Chicago, IL.

"My eyesight is improving immensely. I have brought my eyesight back from legal blindness to 20/20 in my right eye and 20/30 in my left eye." -Sam Galman, Ukia, CA.

"I've had no problem with eyestrain or headaches since I started using your program and have stopped using glasses altogether." -Lutz Scherneck, Dolgeville, NY.

"I've been doing the exercises faithfully and many, many times I've had my vision clear considerably. I've had these clear flashes for about two weeks now, and am totally disregarding my glasses using none at all." -Lanette Wright, Passumpsic, VT.

"I am able to read the 20/20 line on the eyechart again. The program is an excellent alternative to glasses." -Hank Risan, Santa Cruz, CA.

"Your program is proving to be very beneficial to me. After wearing bifocals and trifocals for about 30 years as a librarian, I can see clearly after 6 weeks. One big bonus is being able to go down steps without fear of falling. I want to congratulate you on the well-written manual and the excellent psychological approach. I am 68 years old." -Marian Waby, Scotts Valley, CA.

I had myopia with 20/400 acuity in the right eye and my left eye was so much worse. I have increased my distance vision considerably and can see clearly to read." -Beverley Bird, Paramount, CA.

"I'm impressed with the changes I see almost immediately using the program. Just wish I'd learned of this 35 years ago!" -Gail Reynolds, Monterey, CA.

"All my friends are delighted with the program including myself." -Vincent Layton, Miami, FL.

"I find my eyesight improving every day. Each day I see something new with my naked eyes that I couldn't see before. For the first time since my eyesight began to deteriorate many years ago, I feel I have the power to heal myself and regenerate my vision. This program is an immeasurable blessing." -Risa Krive, Santa Cruz, CA.

"My prescription has been quite drastically reduced. Colors are much more vivid. I have flashes of clear vision often and I no longer feel helpless if I'm not wearing glasses." -Marie Woltjer, Santa Cruz, CA.

"Your program made fascinating reading and it has stopped my rapid decline into the imminent need for two pairs of glasses! I'm a research scientist and one thing it has taught me is to see stereoscopic pairs of crystal structures as published in the journals. I could never see these before." -Barrie Raynor, Leicester, England.

"My myopia, which was at –4.00D is now at –2.00D. I never wear my contacts when reading or doing close work anymore. I have also experienced flashes of clear vision for distance without my glasses. My distance Rx has been reduced three times over the past year." -Michael Wellington, Adams, MA.

"I am a teacher of preventive medicine at California State University at Dominguez Hills and will use the program as required material for my health courses." -William Puett, Los Angeles, CA.

"My vision has noticeably improved in 5 weeks. I have stopped wearing glasses and have had flashes of clear vision." -James Kondo, Columbia, MD.

"I had problems with dry eyes for years. Since starting the program, I have had no dryness at all! I have had numerous clear flashes and can now drive and read road signs without glasses." -Dyal McAllie, Santa Cruz, CA.

"I am truly excited about the program. I have gone back to glasses that are several years old and are much weaker." -Joyce Cox, Lakewood, CO.

"A couple of weeks ago I started doing your exercises and am so impressed I plan to give the program to my mother for Christmas. I've just put away my glasses." Jerry Gray, Lake City, CO.

"I have found the program to be most helpful. Within a very short time my eyesight improved and I was able to use eyeglasses of much reduced power. There is no doubt that the program is excellent and I am recommending it to all my friends who want better vision." -Jan Curtis, Santa Cruz, CA.

"The program has helped me see out of my right eye, which was injured when I was 8 years old. The vision in it has gone from 20/200 to about 20/60 and the other eye has gone to 20/20. I am 61 years old and am ordering two more for my grandchildren and a nephew." -Patrick Daily, Cuba, MO.

"After 4 weeks, I am seeing clearly out of my weaker glasses. My eyes no longer get tired and achy after a day of working on the computer. The exercises to reduce stress are very helpful and the program is enjoyable." -Laura Sampson, Santa Cruz, CA.

"I have had considerable improvement in my nearsightedness and the astigmatism has completely disappeared. I am a nursing student and am enthusiastically recommending the program at school and with my family and friends. I would like eight (8) copies to distribute as Christmas presents." -Lisa Moles, Indianapolis, IN.

"Convergence has improved. Reduced/eliminated eyestrain from prolonged reading. Able to really relax eyes. Clear flashes were exciting and strange." -Allen Abbott, San Jose, CA.

"I was surprised how quickly my eyes adjusted to a much weaker contact lens prescription. I have achieved more frequent and longer periods of spontaneous clear vision." -erry Hall, Santa Cruz, CA.

"The program's simple but efficient methods improved my vision so much that I'm almost totally free of glasses and use a much weaker prescription. I am very grateful to the American Vision Institute and recommend the program. It's a lot of fun and it WORKS!!!" -Sam Newman, San Diego, CA.

"I have used your program for several months and no longer need to use my glasses for distance vision. I am ordering an additional program for a friend." -Lou Huddleston, New York, NY.

"The program has eliminated eyestrain and eye tics from doing a lot of reading and work on the computer. Also, I have returned to weaker eyeglasses which I was wearing several years ago, which I seldom use. I found the program to be positive, stimulating and beneficial." Robert Snow, Aptos, CA.

"Your vision improvement program has met with great success here at the clinic. Therefore, we would like to order 6 more programs." George Poesnecker, Quakertown, PA.

"The psychological effects of doing the exercises are profound. My eyes are brighter looking and my distance vision has improved. Thank you so much for organizing your knowledge and expressing it. Clear vision is a birthright. Thank you for restoring that fact." JoAnn Long, Sanata Cruz, CA.

"My eyes do not feel tired and hurt like they used to. My vision has improved quite a bit. I can see clearly with a weaker prescription now whereas prior to the program I was going to have to get a stronger prescription. I no longer have to use my glasses for TV." Michael Decker, Santa Cruz, CA.

"I am very pleased with the amount of research that has gone into the program. I was at the point of needing a stronger prescription but within 4 days of using the program, I found I didn't need it." Terry Chappell, Aptos, CA.

"I am finding your program very satisfactory. Please send a copy to a friend as a gift from me." Lillian Preston, Silshee, TX.

"My 12 year old son has used the program and says his vision is much clearer and that his eyes focus on things much quicker and his eyes feel more comfortable." Joseph Smith, Adams, MA.

"I have been using your program with success. Thank you for providing it." Mark Jones, Los Angeles, CA.

"This program is great! Please send three more." Warren Sonnenberg, East Lansing, MI.

"I like the way you have compiled the book and charts and I plan to teach my 5th graders the eye exercises daily." Ellen Hughes, Pattonsburg, MO.

"Thank you for creating such a program. May God bless you." Raymond Martin, Hulualoa, HI.

"I just received your program, which is most impressive. I recommend it highly." Lloyd Bangs, Leawood, KS

"I am working with a state funded program to assist older persons with vision problems and am very favorably impressed with your exercises." Karen Gridley, Ukiah, CA.

"My friends are very interested in your program, so I am enclosing a check to pay for the cost." Lucy Klein, San Mateo, CA.

"I have your eye improvement program and have had some success with it." Phil Ross, Johannesburg, South Africa.

"A friend recommended your eye exercises so I would also like to try them. A check is enclosed." Emma Hayward, New Holland, PA.

"Your program is one of the best we have seen." Shelley Graves, Naples, NY.

"I'm using the program with pretty good results." Mary Walker, Blanchard, OK.

"I've always believed the Bates method works and your modifications supplement it very well." William Henshaw, Lodi, CA

"I think its great." Alice Lambro, Watsonville, CA.

"I have greatly benefited from your program." Homer Angelo, Davis, CA.

"This the third program I've ordered from you. My brother and his wife in Vancouver, B.C. have asked me to order one for each of them." Kay Riddell, Escondido, CA.

"I have recently begun your program and already notice improvement in my vision. I would like to purchase an additional program for a friend." Timothy Lulay, Denver, CO.

"I have been using the program for about 3 months and find it well thought out, well assembled and very helpful. Enclosed is my check for another program for a friend." Bob Fowler, Austin, TX.

"My brother had such good results. He improved his vision so much that he passed his eye test for driving, which he previously had failed." Dorothy Brown, Clearwater, FL.

"First, let me give you a BIG HIP HIP HOORAH for what you are doing to inspire clear vision. I am having good results and have ordered a copy of the program for my mom for Christmas. Richele Frailey, Anahola, HI.

"I am enclosing a check for ten of the kits as gifts to my friends." Philip Carleteon, San Francisco, CA.

"Your eyesight improvement program is working very well for me." Melissa Asringhausen, Charleston, IL.

"Carolyn has stopped wearing her prescription glasses. I stopped wearing my regular prescription glasses but still have a slight problem with astigmatism." Allen Boutelle, Jefferson, WI.

"I applaud your excellent research plans and program." Dulcia Balderee, Richmond, MO.

"Thanks for such a great book on vision therapy. As an office that conducts in-office therapy, we are very interested in your method." James Morrison, Colby, KS.

"Our eyes are slowly improving and we now have three more patients who are interested in trying out the program. Please send us three more books." George Pohly, Rock Falls, IL.

"I am delighted with your program." Ray Anderson, Malibu, CA.

"We have your program and think it is excellent." Rene Silver, New York, NY.

"Have enjoyed and profited from your vision improvement program." Sid Anderson, New Milford, CT.

"I have helped several patients work through your vision improvement program to good vision, and I highly approve of your approach." Marlene Inverso, Olympia, WA.

"I think your program is great. Please send me another copy for a friend." John Birch, Macon, IN.

"My vision has improved 75%." Randy Moore, Evansville, IN.

"I started the program this week and already feel great strength in my eyes." John Spence, Rockford, IL.

"Your excellent program has really helped me. My eyes keep feeling better every day. I am 77 years old so years of neglect are now being improved by your program." Henrietta Harader, Sebastopol, CA.

"Three years ago I had to get a $65 pair of glasses before they would issue me a drivers license. Last week when they tested me, they said nothing about my needing glasses. Was I HAPPY." Marie Cassil, Kansas City, MO.

"I found the techniques to be very powerful. The program is well laid out and easy to follow. I experienced results from the beginning and recommend the program to anyone interested in improving their vision." Yael Yanich, Santa Cruz, CA.

"I can't say enough for your program. I'm 65 and it has done wonders for me." Ione Koplakoff, Lemon Grove, CA.

"The program is helping me to see clearly again. I am getting better day by day as I continue to do the exercises, and I want to share it with my friends." Timothy Driscoll, East Meadow, NY.

"I am getting results and am sold on the program. My friends are interested so could you please send them information." Kes Saunders, Hyattsville, MD.

"Your program is terrific. I have been doing the exercises for about a month now and have seen some improvement. When I do the exercises, I have had periods of clarity." Amanda Gilbert, Stockton, CA.

"I am feeling more relaxed and less tired in the eyes and seem to get flashes of clarity." Steve Westin, Hendersonville, NC.

"I have faithfully used the program for over two months and am beginning to see improvement in my vision for which I want to thank you. Enclosed is a check for a copy of the program for a friend." Shirley Robinson, Oakland, CA.

"May I commend you for this constructive and progressive program." William Townsend, Little Rock, AR.

"I recently met a man in his 80s who told me he had used glasses for 35 years. He said he had used your program and reached the point where he no longer needed glasses, for the last three years had no glasses and no vision problems. Please send me information." Fred Kreis, Treasure Island, FL.

"My nephew has been doing the program and has been able to reduce his prescription twice. After hearing about his results and reading his book, I am sold on it. Please send me a copy." Mary Ruste, San Leandro, CA.

"A friend of mine is using the program and strongly recommends it. Please send me a copy." Paul Eckert, East McKeesport, PA.

"I would highly recommend your system to anyone who wants to strengthen and improve their eyesight." Rose Decker, West Point, IA.

"Prior to using the program I was getting stronger and stronger glasses more and more frequently. I feel the program is reversing this process." Michael Decker, Capitola, CA.

"I have achieved some exciting clear flashes." George Najemy, Oakland, CA.

"The exercises have helped my eyes greatly!!" Bessie McDonald, Hemet, CA.

"Your program is most excellent." Edith Till, Naylor, MO.

"I think it is a wonderful program. I had a stroke a few years ago and saw four of everything at first. Now I have single vision about half the time and am very grateful for the improvement." Wanda Stanger, Burley, ID.

"Please send me 10 more programs. I have already used the first one and have several more patients awaiting this opportunity." Gayle Fuqua, Sanford, FL.

"I am delighted with the program and have avoided having to get a stronger prescription." Terry Chappel, Aptos, CA.

"Can read much longer without fatigue with less headaches. Eyes no longer feel itchy as they did." Ted Rowan, Capitola, CA.

"My eyes are working together more with a definite improvement in sight in my lazy eye. I love the entire program." Virginia Wasson, Santa Cruz, CA.

"I've attained a level of acuity that lets me see clearly for hours at a time with 1/3 strength contact lenses." Terry Hall, Capitola, CA.

"I have adapted quite well to a half strength prescription and experience clear flashes frequently during the day, especially outside. My acuity has improved noticeably." John Hansen, Santa Cruz, CA.

"Almost free of glasses. Right eye seems to be stronger. Get clear flashes throughout the day in the right eye." Tom Schreckenberg, Santa Cruz, CA.

"I have managed to reestablish relatively clearer flashes and would describe the experience as an inspiration." John Taylor, Santa Cruz, CA.

"My eyes are more relaxed. Things seem to be clearer and brighter. I can see more detail in anything I look at." Eugene Hauser, Santa Cruz, CA.

"I found it easy to improve my vision using the program. I noticed results in three days and bigger results in three weeks." Leslie Salas, Fairfield, IA.

"My vision with weaker glasses is fine and even without them I have flashes of clarity and detail at distances that weren't possible before. The realization that I am in charge of my ability to see is wonderful." Risa Krive, Santa Cruz, CA.

"I can now read smaller print than before and feel I can delay getting stronger glasses or perhaps not need them at all." Michael Mann, Santa Cruz, CA.

"Better, clearer distance vision with some freedom from glasses. Increased areas of focusing ability." Diana Rigoli, Santa Cruz, CA.

"This has been a fun experience and has helped me read better. Very pleased." Jack Rowen, Santa Cruz, CA.

"The program allowed me to experience greater eye comfort than before and my eyes do not tire as easily." Graham Monty, Santa Cruz, CA.

"I enjoyed the program, which has helped me and made my life a lot easier." Gail Corelt, Santa Cruz, CA.

"The program has been very beneficial and I highly recommend it. My vision has improved to the point where I only wear magnifying glasses for very close work. My eye watering problem has cleared up and I see everything sharper." Harlin Curtis, Capitola, CA.

"I just bought new glasses for $200. These are now useless to me as my eyes have really improved in just a month. Here is an order for two more people who want to improve their eyes." Ted Molander, La Puente, CA.

"I am 61 years old and had been wearing glasses for about fifteen years before starting the program. I have noticed a distinct lessening of eyestrain and can now read moderately sized print without using my glasses. It has also lessened the tension in my forehead when I read. I appreciate your good work putting together the excellent program." -Mark Jones, Los Angeles, CA.

"Your program has helped me considerably even in the short time that I have been doing the exercises. I thank you for the fine guidelines and would like to order another program for a friend." -Robert Quimby, De Land, FL.

"My father age 86 yrs is reaping tremendous benefits from the program. He had a cataract operation a decade ago." -Anne Pulling, Central Islip, NY.

"My vision has improved so I am using glasses from 6 years ago and I passed my drivers license test without any glasses." -George Harader, Sebastapol, CA.

"We are improved and much better eyesight. Its great to be able to SEE better and the colors are so much brighter. After just two weeks, I was able to write a letter without my glasses." -Carolyn Spencer, Gold beach, OR.

"For years, all I ever did was become progressively more myopic. Now I have started to go back the other direction!" -Rick Burrows, Ontario, CA.

"As I am writing this my eyes are so filled with joy it is difficult to see what I am doing! Tomorrow is my 28th day. When I began, my vision was 20/150. Today it is 20/20. I am delighted with the program." -Marie Cassill, Kansas City, MO.

"Early doubts quickly evaporated as I see results. This opportunity of seeing the world more clearly was truly heaven-sent." -Virginia Wasson, Santa Cruz, CA.

"My eye doctor informed me that I was legally blind without glasses. I truly enjoyed working with you. I am very happy with my greatly improved vision. I hope and pray that the Lord will use you to help many people improve their vision." -Barbara Tuttle, Portland, OR.

"I've used the program for two weeks and my eyes have started improving. Please send another program for a friend. Check is enclosed. Thanks for your help." -Jan Maupin, Lexington, VA.

"After doing the eye exercises for a month, I threw my glasses down the sewer. Didn't need them any more." -Joe Delarossa, Boston, MS.

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